Stresa & Milano

Two weekends ago, my friends and I went to Lake Maggiore. Our trip started a bit rough as our train to Milan was 30 minutes late. This caused us to miss our connecting train in Milan. When our train did finally arrive in Milan, only half of us were able to get off the train as the doors wouldn’t open on the other side of the train. Two of our friends almost headed farther into Milan, until we shouted enough for the conductor to open the doors again.

We finally boarded a train to Stresa when the next one arrived. We decided not to buy anymore tickets as it was not our fault that the train had been late. Luckily, no one asked to see our tickets anyways.

The second we got off the train, everyone could tell the air was so fresh. Turin is a beautiful, but very polluted city and we could really tell the difference. We headed to the Airbnb to drop off our things. The apartment was great and was just what we needed for the evening. We set down our things and headed out to explore town.

Downtown was quite small and very unlike Turin. We walked along the water and ended up stopping for a drink. The restaurant was right on the water and the view was incredible.

We headed on down the shore afterwards, heading towards the cable care that would take us up the mountain. We found that the line for the cable car was not very long and were able to hop right on. The ride up was amazing. The view is unreal as there are the beautiful mountains, as well as the lovely lake below.

We actually had to change cable cars halfway up, as the ride takes two separate cars. Once at the actual top, we then had to take a ski lift up to the tippy top. Again, the view was unreal. We could not have asked for a better day. The sky was clear and the weather was warm enough to just need a light jacket. We all took thousands of pictures and just took in the view.

There is an alpine rollercoaster at the top. Of the 5 of us, myself and my other friend were the only ones down to do it. We tenativlety stepped into the somewhat unsafe looking cars and inched our way forward. The car was controlled by a handbrake and at first we just moved along at a normal pace. But then we just let it go and it was amazing. The views were unreal and the speed that this tiny car got going around the bends was exhilirating.

This lovely pic of us was one of the only group pics we got and we were all surprised with how well it turned out.

Afterwards, we headed back down for lunch. Finding a place to eat at 3pm on a Saturday is quite difficult in Italy as many places close between lunch and dinner. We ended up at another water side restraunt. After lunch, we headed back towards town and stopped along the water. My friend and I dipped our toes in and oh my goodness it was cold. We seaglunked for awhile before heading towards town.

Half of us went to walk around town and half stayed and chilled by the water. Stresa the town is very picturesque and calm. The main piazza is quite small and there are tons of cute little shops around. We all met at the grocery store to pick up the necessities for dinner. I was making dinner that evening and settled on an easy chicken/pasta/salad combo. And we made sure to get plenty of prosecco and wine.

It was really great to be able to all have dinner together as it can be quite hard to get everyone together in Turin with everyone having different schedules. One of our friends couldn’t make the actual weekend, but she was there in spirit.

After dinner, we played Heads Up for a very solid amount of time. Its such a great game to play and it really only gets better when you’re drinking. As per usual, I ended up falling asleep on the couch and that’s when we called it an evening.

The next morning, my friend and I woke up early to watch the sunrise. The others wanted to sleep so we quietly left the house and headed for the water. It was so worth the early wake up call. It was so quiet and peaceful and the views were just incredible.

After our sunrise excursion, we headed back to the house. We all got ready, had some breakfast, and packed up the Airbnb. We had a train to catch to Milan. The train ride to Milan was thankfully uneventful. We arrived later in the morning with no set plans. We just wandered around, saw the Duomo, grabbed a coffee, and headed to Brera.

This was a really sweet part of the city. The streets are so narrow and there are many great restaurants around. We were all a bit tired and so we made our way to a park that happened to be outside of a castle. The weather was absolutely beatitiful. We opened the bottle of prosecco we had left from the night before and drank it in the park.

Afterwards, we found a place for lunch, and then some gelato. We then took the metro down to Navigli, a part of Milan where the canals run through. We wandered up and down the canal and found a place for a drink. We just took in the view and then headed back to Milan central to catch our train.

All in all, a successful weekend away.




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